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Russians Fear a Wider Call-Up After Putin Orders Reservists to Mobilize - The Wall Street Journal

Without providing evidence, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that top NATO officials had said that it would be acceptable to carry out nuclear strikes on Russia. He threatened to use nuclear weapons and ordered the country’s reservists to mobilize. Photo: Russian Presidential Press Service/Kremlin via Reuters

Updated Sept. 22, 2022 6:39 pm ET

MOSCOW—Russians began reporting to military collection points in the thousands while others tried to flee the country as it emerged that the call-up for troops to fight in President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine could be wider than initially thought.

Road traffic surged at border points leading out of Russia on Thursday, according to local media reports, and airline tickets are now sold out for days after Mr. Putin announced the call-up on Wednesday. At least four Russian regions announced that they had barred exit for men without the approval of their local military recruitment offices.

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