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México investiga como homicidio las muertes de las víctimas del incendio en Ciudad Juárez
Immigration Tripled in Top U.S. Counties Even as Many of Them Lost Population
A Florida School Banned a Disney Movie About Ruby Bridges. Here’s What That Really Means.
After Mass Shootings, Republicans Expand Access to Guns
Walter Cole, Who Dazzled as Darcelle, the World’s Oldest Drag Performer, Dies at 92
Mexico Investigates Migrant Deaths in Border City Fire as Homicide Case
Soldiers Massing Near Ukrainian Nuclear Plant, U.N. Official Warns
Washington Shrugs Off Nashville Shooting, as G.O.P. Rejects Pleas to Act
Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Spars With Democrats at Senate Hearing
Debt Talks Are Frozen as House Republicans Splinter Over a Fiscal Plan
Prayer Can Be the Prerequisite to Action
Biden’s Confrontation With Netanyahu Had Been Brewing for Years
An Open Letter to Governor Lee on the Slaughter of Our Children
Can India Change the World?
Several Face Charges in Killings of Gay Men Who Were Drugged and Robbed
Defending Starbucks, Schultz Spars With Party That Once Embraced Him
Texas Observer Reverses Plan to Shut Down and Lay Off Staff
Trump Says the Justice System Has Been Weaponized. He Would Know.
G.O.P. Lawmakers Override Kentucky Governor’s Veto on Anti-Trans Laws
Eastern Kentucky Needs Flood Relief, Not Another Federal Prison
In Rare Show of Force, House Democrats Pressure Hochul on Climate Bill
Pope Francis Is in Hospital and Will Stay for Several Days
Will Ambitious Plans for a ‘New’ New York Get Crushed in Albany?
Modi Tightens Grip on India’s Democracy, Wielding the Judiciary
China’s Soccer Experiment Flopped. Now It May Be Over.
He Bid $190 Million for the Flatiron Building, Then Didn’t Pay Up
Decades Later, Senate Votes to Repeal Iraq Military Authorizations
Michigan Democrats Rise, and Try to Turn a Battleground Blue
What Makes Chatbots ‘Hallucinate’ or Say the Wrong Thing?
The Liberal Helping Conservatives Fight Race-Based Affirmative Action
How to Choose the Best Window Blinds and Coverings
Elon Musk and Others Call for Pause on A.I., Citing ‘Risks to Society’
Future of New York’s Housing Crisis Is Being Decided in the Suburbs
The Incredible Challenge of Counting Every Global Birth and Death
How to Use Narcan, the Overdose-Reversing Nasal Spray
What to Know About Protests Over Israel’s Judiciary Overhaul Plan
Lawyer Who Shot Girlfriend in New Jersey Then Fled to Cuba Claims Self-Defense
How ChatGPT and Bard Performed as My Executive Assistants
F.D.A. Approves Narcan for Over-the-Counter Sales
Vermont Reconsiders Access to Aid in Dying Law After Connecticut Woman’s Settlement
How Ukraine’s Battered Steel Industry Galvanized Its War Effort
We’re About to Find Out How Far the Supreme Court Will Go to Arm America
Do You Live in a ‘Tight’ State or a ‘Loose’ One? Turns Out It Matters Quite a Bit.
U.S.-Israel Tensions Over Judicial Overhaul Burst Into Open
UBS Brings Back C.E.O. to Manage ‘New Challenges’ of Credit Suisse Takeover
Taiwan’s President Heads to the U.S., Bracing for China’s Retaliation
Myanmar’s Military Regime Disbands Aung San Suu Kyi’s Political Party
M.T.A. Wants to Clean the Bronx To Allay Congestion Pricing Concerns
Nashville School Shooting Victims Remembered by Community in Anguish
U.S. Border Policies Have Created a Backup of Migrants in Mexico
In Israel, Democracy Still Holds
Cockroach Sex Took a Strange Turn. Now More Mutations Have Emerged.
Top Fed Officials Criticize Silicon Valley Bank Executives at Senate Hearing
The Key Differences Between Nashville and Uvalde Shooting Responses
State Dept. Proposes Joint Tribunal to Try Russian Leaders
Kamala Harris, at Former Slave Port in Ghana, Ties Past to Present
George Nassar, 86, Killer Who Heard Confession in Strangler Case, Is Dead
How Can We Be a Country That Does This to Our Children?
Russian Girl Sent to Orphanage After Father Criticizes War
Biden Concedes He Is Powerless to Act on Guns Without Congress
Court Reinstates Adnan Syed’s Murder Conviction in ‘Serial’ Case and Orders New Hearing
Al menos a 39 migrantes muertos en un incendio en Ciudad Juárez
SVB Hearing Takeaways: Bank Failures Spur a Blame Game, But Few Solutions
What’s Hot on TikTok? Defending Its C.E.O.
I Am Going Blind, and I Now Find It Strangely Exhilarating
Alexander Skarsgard Explains the Answer to Everything. (It Involves Doing Some Math.)
Pence Must Testify to Jan. 6 Grand Jury, Judge Rules
As King Charles Adjusts to Being Center Stage, So Do His Impersonators
A Campaign Aide Didn’t Write That Email. A.I. Did.
Over-the-Counter Narcan Could Save More Lives. But Price and Stigma Are Obstacles.
Ari Aster Wants to Terrify (and Tickle) You With ‘Beau Is Afraid’
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