Government shutdown could hurt weather disaster responses, Fema says
Senate gathers to advance bipartisan stopgap spending bill to avert shutdown
The hidden cost of a shutdown: America’s battle with food insecurity
Voter drive: Biden and Trump battle for blue-collar votes in auto heartland
‘No enemies to the right’: DeSantis ally hosts debate hedging white nationalism
Fascism in America: a long history that predates Trump
Man in Maga hat charged over shooting of Indigenous activist at statue protest
Enough review: Cassidy Hutchinson on Trump and the damage done
Prosecutors reiterate need for gag order against Trump in 2020 election case
Robert Kennedy Jr to run for president as independent in 2024 – report
A look back at the political career of the Dianne Feinstein – video obituary
Dianne Feinstein: a life in pictures
US House to vote on stopgap bill with less than 48 hours to avert shutdown
‘Fed up’ US autoworkers expand strikes against GM and Ford
‘A role model for many Americans’: politicians mourn Dianne Feinstein
Republicans holding government ‘hostage’, says White House spokesman
Congress scrambles to avoid shutdown; California’s Feinstein dies at 90 – US politics live
Senator Dianne Feinstein, trailblazer for women in US politics, dies aged 90
Biden is right to praise the auto strike. His climate agenda depends on it | Kate Aronoff
Revealed: far-right Oath Keepers kept up dues payments after Capitol attack
Joe Biden says 'Maga movement' is endangering US democracy – video
Unless Joe Biden stands aside, the world must prepare for President Trump 2.0 | Timothy Garton Ash
Trump gets done for fraud as GOP candidates vie for attention – podcast
Biden warns voters a second Trump presidency will threaten democracy
The Biden impeachment hearing was a fishing expedition – no one took the bait
AOC accuses Republicans of making up evidence in Biden hearing
Texas Democrat asks witness how many times GOP said 'if' in Biden allegations – video
US shutdown moves ever closer as McCarthy digs in over stopgap deal
Court rejects Trump effort to delay New York civil trial days after fraud ruling
Prosecutors accuse Trump of new effort to delay classified documents trial
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Republicans fabricated evidence in Biden impeachment inquiry – video
Youth climate activists protest potential shutdown in Kevin McCarthy’s office
Election denier Kari Lake of Arizona to announce run for US Senate seat
Signs touting ‘auto workers for Trump’ at Michigan rally found to be fake – report
Memo to President Biden: how to master your pet dog Commander
Republican contenders squabble over Trump in chaotic second debate – live
Trainers are now allowed in the US Senate – so why on earth can’t I wear them to a party? | Emma Brockes
Where do each of the US Republican candidates stand on labor and unions?
House Republicans to hold first hearing on Biden impeachment inquiry
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Who won the Republican debate? Our panel responds | Panel
Trump, crime and bad jokes: key takeaways from the second Republican debate
‘He shouldn’t even have to pay taxes!’ Trump loyalists revel in Michigan visit
Trump urges UAW to endorse him in speech at non-union car parts maker
From abortion to January 6: where each Republican candidate in the debate stands on big issues
Republican debate live: seven candidates – but not Trump – to face off in California
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