Arrests as police clash with students demonstrating at US universities against war in Gaza – video
Senior Democrat calls for arrests of ‘leftwing fascists’ urging Gaza ceasefire
Arizona grand jury indicts Trump allies including Rudy Giuliani over 2020 fake elector scheme
Police and students clash at University of Texas in Austin – live
Congress passed a TikTok bill. Will the US really ban the app?
Pro-Palestinian protests sweep US campuses as House speaker heads to Columbia to voice ‘disgust’
New Jersey congressman Donald Payne Jr dies aged 65
How the National Enquirer boosted Trump and smeared his opponents: ‘The only choice for president’
Arizona Democrats in new effort to repeal 1864 abortion ban law
Biden signs $95bn foreign aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan
‘We were going down fast’: how Benjamin Franklin saved America
George Santos, indicted fabulist expelled from Congress, drops bid for New York seat
Biden praises Congress for foreign aid bill and says he will sign it immediately
Billionaire Jeff Yass linked to $16m in donations to anti-Muslim and pro-Israel groups
‘Have you signed yet?’: Arizona activists battle to overturn near-total abortion ban
Trump’s hush-money case might finally show him what accountability feels like | Margaret Sullivan
Chuck Schumer lauds Senate's 'greatest achievement in years' as foreign aid bill passes – video
Trump on Trial: National Enquirer boss dishes on Trump
Two Turning Point USA members admit to assaulting queer professor
US Senate prepares to give final approval to $95bn aid bills for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan
Trump’s hush-money trial resumes with arguments over holding him in contempt of court
Trump lauds House speaker as a ‘good person’ after Ukraine aid bill passage
Ukraine and Israel aid saga nears end as Senate plans vote on bill that would also force TikTok sale in US – live
Pennsylvania primary provides window into voters’ minds in crucial swing state
On trial, Trump is a shadow of the superhero his supporters crave | Sidney Blumenthal
Trump has dodged financial calamity – for the time being | Lloyd Green
Tulsi Gabbard repeats false Hillary Clinton ‘grooming’ claim in new book
Trump fangirl Liz Truss channels Maga menace at US conservative thinktank
Prosecutors accept modified $175m Trump bond in New York civil fraud case
The Guardian view on arming Ukraine: US Congress votes against appeasement | Editorial
Suspect arrested after break-in at Los Angeles mayor Karen Bass’s home
Rightwing media mock Marjorie Taylor Greene after Ukraine aid bill passes
Aipac: the pro-Israel group planning to spend millions in US elections
A progressive congresswoman made history in 2022. Can a billionaire stop her re-election?
Marjorie Taylor Greene renews attacks on speaker as House passes Ukraine aid
Approval of $61bn aid from US shows Ukraine will not be abandoned, says Zelenskiy
Who will Trump pick as his 2024 running mate? A VP shortlist
New Cold Wars review: China, Russia and Biden’s daunting task
House approves $61bn aid for Ukraine – what we know so far, and what happens next
Trump cancels North Carolina rally due to storm in first public address since New York trial
US House passes bill that could lead to total TikTok ban
US House to vote on long-delayed foreign aid bills – including Ukraine support
Republicans erupt into open warfare over Ukraine aid package vote
Chinese students in US tell of ‘chilling’ interrogations and deportations
Melania Trump to hit campaign trail for husband after early absence
Senate to hold vote after reaching deal to renew Fisa surveillance program
What I would have told Congress if i were in Nemat Shafik’s shoes | Francine Prose
Ilhan Omar’s daughter among over 100 arrested at Columbia University protest
Trump jury selection nears close on fourth day of trial – live
Biden administration moves to restrict oil and gas leases on 13m acres in Alaska
House Democrats rescue Mike Johnson to save $95bn aid bill for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan
‘This is a violent attack against women’: Florida Senate candidate seeks to channel abortion outrage
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