Democratic congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee dies aged 74, family says
Man accused of Nazi salute during US Capitol attack jailed for nearly five years
Democrats are cautiously optimistic after Trump’s ad-libbed RNC speech
Biden reportedly feeling ‘betrayed’ by allies as speculation mounts over withdrawal
Biden wants to see proof he can’t win. The polls show a nail-bitingly close race
Republican convention featured felons despite party’s ‘law and order’ pledge
Donald Trump’s run of good luck could end this weekend – if Joe Biden does the right thing |Jonathan Freedland
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How JD Vance’s path to being Trump’s VP pick wound through Silicon Valley
Labour’s new defence adviser Fiona Hill: from the White House to Whitehall
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Musk backs Trump as other social media CEOs shy away from politics
Some climate groups urge Biden to stand down, fearing a Trump win
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Fact-checked: Republican national convention and Trump’s speech
Trump meets with Secret Service chief ahead of speech at Republican convention – live
In Dearborn, home of largest Arab American community, despair and apathy dominate
Hunter Biden asks for criminal cases to be thrown out, citing Trump case dismissal
‘Make Trump Human Again’ seems to emerge as Republicans’ new theme
Some progressives stand behind Biden as he pushes policies for working class
Trump’s pick of JD Vance is a clear signal: this is a fight over America’s identity | Steve Phillips
Hundreds mourn Pennsylvania man killed in Trump assassination attempt
Trump’s Republican convention speech: how to watch and what’s at stake
Christian right see God’s hand in Trump rally shooting: ‘The world saw a miracle’
Joe Biden reportedly more open to calls for him to step aside as candidate
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American rule of law is vanishing at the tips of Trump-appointed judges’ pens | Moira Donegan
Chip stocks fall further after Trump’s remarks on Taiwan defence
JD Vance attacks Democrats in first speech as Republican vice-president nominee – video
Trump expected to plead for national unity in first speech after assassination attempt
Key takeaways from day three of the Republican national convention
Joe Biden says he'd step down as presidential candidate if a 'medical condition emerged' – video
Biden says 'I feel good' after testing positive for Covid-19 and cancelling campaign speech – video
Trump sees former ‘Never Trumper’ JD Vance as a way to expand his base, insiders say
Joe Biden tests positive for Covid and cancels campaign event, White House says
Bob Menendez set to resign from Senate after bribery conviction – report
Former Obama adviser says Biden has not quelled voters’ age concerns
China suspends nuclear talks with US over arms sales to Taiwan
We need to do all we can to lower the anger pervading American politics | Robert Reich
US supreme court grabbing ‘ultimate power’, Biden reform adviser says
Democratic rift over Biden candidacy deepens even as party says he will be nominee
JD Vance: who is Donald Trump’s new vice-president? – podcast
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