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Most Israelis dislike Netanyahu, but support the war in Gaza – an Israeli scholar explains what’s driving public opinion
9 justices, many opinions: How the Supreme Court tells lawyers, judges and the public about its decisions and disagreements
Militia extremists, kicked off Facebook again, are regaining comfort in public view
Calls for divestment from apartheid South Africa gave today’s pro-Palestinian student activists a blueprint to follow
How opioid treatment centers can overcome bipartisan NIMBYism to build local support
Campus protests are part of an enduring legacy of civil disobedience improving American democracy
Biden and Trump will fight for Michigan’s votes county by county in a state where little things matter a lot
Kenyan president will receive White House praise over troops-to-Haiti move − but lack of action across Americas should prompt regional soul-searching
Rangers led the way in the D-Day landings 80 years ago
Soviet media downplayed the significance of the D-Day invasion
In some states that say they elect judges, governors choose them instead
TikTok law threatening a ban if the app isn’t sold raises First Amendment concerns
Was Beethoven truly the greatest?
How the Gaza humanitarian aid pier traces its origins to discarded cigar boxes before World War II
Student anger over the Vietnam War erupted into violence in the ’60s − a terrorism expert explores if the same could happen today
Young Hondurans’ desire to migrate is influenced by factors beyond poverty and violence
Iran crash: President Raisi reported dead – what that might mean for the country and region
Iran crash: President Raisi’s fate raises concerns in Tehran over potential loss of loyalist
Iran crash: President Raisi’s death leaves Tehran mourning loss of regime loyalist
Attempted assassination of Slovak prime minister follows country’s slide into political polarization
Some states’ populations are very much like the US overall – including 5 key states in the 2024 presidential election
Modi’s anti-Muslim rhetoric taps into Hindu replacement fears that trace back to colonial India
A silent Trump with eyes closed and a convicted liar on the stand − 2 experienced observers of Trump’s criminal trial discuss what stands out
You should call House members ‘representatives,’ because that’s what they are − not ‘congressmen’ or ‘congresswomen’
Preying on white fears worked for Georgia’s Lester Maddox in the ’60s − and is working there for Donald Trump today
Plant-based meat alternatives are trying to exit the culture wars – an impossible task?
An obscure provision of Ohio law could keep Biden off the ballot there in November
Term limits aren’t the answer
Confusion over how pregnancy dates are measured is widespread – and makes for uninformed debate over abortion limits
Haitians looking to escape violence and chaos face hostility in neighboring Dominican Republic
The price of rebuilding Ukraine goes up each day − but shirking the bill will cost even more
I’ve spent decades overseeing relief operations around the world, and here’s what’s going wrong in Gaza
A jacket, a coin, a letter − relics of Omaha Beach battle tell the story of D-Day 80 years later
Sudan’s descent into chaos sets stage for al-Qaida to make a return to historic stronghold
A sex scandal that’s boring the public − and a judge forced to keep Trump focused
Polarization may phase out of American politics as younger generations shift into power
Why some people receiving federal benefits don’t consider themselves poor − even though poverty rates have increased since the COVID-19 pandemic
Section 702 foreign surveillance law lives on, but privacy fight continues
What early 2024 polls are revealing about voters of color and the GOP − and it’s not all about Donald Trump
Justice Sotomayor’s health isn’t the real problem for Democrats − winning elections is
US drone warfare faces questions of legitimacy, study of military chaplains shows
Could Biden stop Netanyahu’s plans? A national security expert looks at Israel’s attack on Rafah
War games risk stirring up troubled waters as Philippines − emboldened by US − squares up to Beijing at sea
How to tell if a conspiracy theory is probably false
Voting in unconstitutional districts: US Supreme Court upended decades of precedent in 2022 by allowing voters to vote with gerrymandered maps instead of fixing the congressional districts first
Trump promises to deport all undocumented immigrants, resurrecting a 1950s strategy − but it didn’t work then and is less likely to do so now
Media coverage of campus protests tends to focus on the spectacle, rather than the substance
A look inside the cyberwar between Israel and Hamas reveals the civilian toll
On its 125th anniversary, W.E.B. Du Bois’ ‘The Philadelphia Negro’ offers lasting lessons on gentrification in Philly’s historically Black neighborhoods
Supporting ‘democracy’ is hard for many who feel government and the economy are failing them
Many immigrants to the US are fleeing violence and persecution − here’s how the federal government can help cities absorb them
What Shakespeare can teach us about racism
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