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Nashville attack renews calls for assault weapons ban – data shows there were fewer mass shooting deaths during an earlier 10-year prohibition
When it comes to explaining elections in Congress, gerrymandering is overrated
What's at stake as protests rock Israel: 3 essential reads on democracy, security and human rights
As longterm partnership with US fades, Saudi Arabia seeks to diversify its diplomacy – and recent deals with China, Iran and Russia fit this strategy
Why the growing number of foreign agent laws around the world is bad for democracy
Presidential hopefuls are considering these 5 practical factors before launching their 2024 campaigns
Israel's military reservists are joining protests – transforming a political crisis potentially into a security crisis
Israel's military reservists are joining protests – potentially transforming a political crisis into a security crisis
Reaction to bronze sculpture of Coretta and Martin Luther King Jr. in Boston hasn't been good – and that's not bad for art that shatters conventions
Public radio can help solve the local news crisis -- but that would require expanding staff and coverage
Should the US ban TikTok? Can it? A cybersecurity expert explains the risks the app poses and the challenges to blocking it
In Congress, breaking unwritten rules that encouraged civility and enabled things to get done is becoming the new normal
The view from Moscow and Beijing: What peace in Ukraine and a post-conflict world look like to Xi and Putin
The Amazon is not safe under Brazil's new president – a roads plan could push it past its breaking point
A string of assassinations in Afghanistan point to ISIS-K resurgence – and US officials warn of possible attacks on American interests in next 6 months
Trump's unprecedented call for protests is the latest sign of his aim to degrade America's institutions
What is the National Cybersecurity Strategy? A cybersecurity expert explains what it is and what the Biden administration has changed
Secession is here: States, cities and the wealthy are already withdrawing from America
20 years on, George W. Bush's promise of democracy in Iraq and Middle East falls short
The collapse of major US banks leads to bills calling for more regulation
Estonia's e-governance revolution is hailed as a voting success – so why are some US states pulling in the opposite direction?
3 reasons the Willow Arctic oil drilling project was approved – it's the latest battle in a long fight over Alaska's North Slope
Prosecuting Russians for abducting Ukrainian children will require a high bar of evidence – and won't guarantee the children can come back home
Neighbors Ohio and Michigan are moving further apart in politics – differences in ballot access may explain why
54% of firearm deaths in the US are from suicide – and easy access to a gun is a key risk factor
The luck of the Irish might surface on St. Patrick's Day, but it evades the Kennedy family, America's best-known Irish dynasty
Downing of US drone in Russian jet encounter prompts counter claims of violations in the sky – an international law expert explores the arguments
Fines for breaking US pollution laws can vary widely among states – that may violate the Constitution
Fines for breaking US pollution laws can vary widely among states – the disparity may violate the Constitution
Don't trust the news media? That's good
I went to CPAC to take MAGA supporters' pulse – China and transgender people are among the top 'demons' they say are ruining the country
Biggest racial gap in prison is among violent offenders – focusing on intervention instead of incarceration could change the numbers
The complicated tragedy in war-torn Syria made worse by devastating earthquake and political dysfunction
Syria's earthquake survivors struggle in a disaster made far worse by civil war, bombed-out hospitals and currency collapse
What are the limits of presidential power to forgive student loans? A constitutional law expert answers 5 questions
Russia wants military aid from China – here’s why this deal could help China, too
The women who stood with Martin Luther King Jr. and sustained a movement for social change
How the 'Holman rule' allows the House to fast-track proposals to gut government programs without debate or much thought at all
Leading American medical journal continues to omit Black research, reinforcing a legacy of racism in medical knowledge
Why Tennessee's law limiting drag performances likely violates the First Amendment
Americans remain hopeful about democracy despite fears of its demise – and are acting on that hope
Ukraine's new wartime unity lays the groundwork for eventual rebuilding, without the complex and stubborn divisions of the past
Republicans are trying to build a multiracial right – will it work?
Politicians' health problems are important information for voters -- but reporters and candidates often conceal them
5 things to know about Moldova and Transnistria – and why Russia's war in Ukraine is threatening their security, too
Poland’s hospitality is helping many Ukrainian refugees thrive – 5 takeaways
Overclassification overkill: The US government is drowning in a sea of secrets
The brief but shining life of Paul Laurence Dunbar, a poet who gave dignity to the Black experience
Understanding mass incarceration in the US is the first step to reducing a swollen prison population
A more hawkish China policy? 5 takeaways from House committee's inaugural hearing on confronting Beijing
I've spent 5 years researching the heroic life of Black musician Graham Jackson, but teaching his story could be illegal under laws in Florida and North Dakota
Mocking the police got an Ohio man arrested – and the Supreme Court ignored The Onion's plea to define the limits of parody
Which state you live in matters for how well environmental laws protect your health
How Jimmy Carter integrated his evangelical Christian faith into his political work, despite mockery and misunderstanding
All presidents avoid reporters, but Biden may achieve a record in his press avoidance
All wars eventually end – here are 3 situations that will lead Russia and Ukraine to make peace
The looming stalemate in Ukraine one year after the Russian invasion
I assisted Carter’s work encouraging democracy – and saw how his experience, persistence and engineer’s mindset helped build a freer Latin America over decades
Biden's border crackdown explained – a refugee law expert looks at the legality and impact of new asylum rule
Supreme Court unlikely to 'break the internet' over Google, Twitter cases -- rather, it is approaching with caution
Violent extremists are not lone wolves – dispelling this myth could help reduce violence
Globetrotting Black nutritionist Flemmie P. Kittrell revolutionized early childhood education and illuminated 'hidden hunger'
Lesson from a year at war: In contrast to the Russians, Ukrainians master a mix of high- and low-end technology on the battlefield
Russia announces its suspension from last nuclear arms agreement with the US, escalating nuclear tension
I am a Ukrainian American political scientist, and this is what the past year of war has taught me about Ukraine, Russia and defiance
Ukrainians' commitment to fight off Russia grows stronger, as does their expectation of victory, as war enters second year
Train derailments get more headlines, but truck crashes involving hazardous chemicals are more frequent and deadly in US
War in Ukraine accelerates global drive toward killer robots
First ladies from Martha Washington to Jill Biden have gotten outsized attention for their clothing instead of their views
Research on teen social media use has a racial bias – studies of white kids are widely taken to be universal
Presidential greatness is rarely fixed in stone – changing attitudes on racial injustice and leadership qualities lead to dramatic shifts
Turkish President Erdoğan's grip on power threatened by devastating earthquake
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